• Parameters: 11
  • Data Source: /proc, process information pseudo-filesystem
  • API: Sys::Statistics::Linux
  • Programming Language: Perl 5
  • Library of Monitoring Objects: IT/Computer Performance


Records system performance metrics from a Linux 32 or 64bit kernel. The agent requires a minimum version of Linux kernel 2.6 version. The recorder uses Sys::Statistics::Linux, a Perl based module which handles data collection from proc interface. The recorder outputs collected data as sdrd, sdr raw data format.

Data Message

cpurec records per CPU performance metrics, like user, system, idle utilization and several other metrics.

id name type description
1 timestamp time seconds since Epoch
2 cpuid numeric CPU id
3 userpct numeric CPU utilization USER space, percentage, gauge
4 nicepct numeric CPU utilization USER space with nice priority, percentage, gauge
5 syspct numeric CPU utilization SYSTEM space, percentage, gauge
6 idlepct numeric CPU utilization idle state, percentage, gauge
7 iowaitpct numeric CPU utilization in idle state because an I/O operation is waiting to complete, percentage, gauge
8 irqpct numeric CPU utilization servicing interrupts, percentage, gauge
9 softirqpct numeric CPU utilization servicing softirqs, percentage, gauge
10 stealpct numeric CPU utilization of time spent in other OSes when running in a virtualized environment, percentage, gauge
11 totalpct numeric Total CPU utilization, percentage, gauge