• Parameters: 8
  • Data Source: /sys/block, /proc
  • API: Sys::Statistics::Linux
  • Programming Language: Perl 5
  • Library of Monitoring Objects: IT/Computer Performance


Records per disk performance metrics from a Linux kernel. The agent requires a minimum version of Linux kernel 2.6 version. The recorder uses Sys::Statistics::Linux, which handles data collection from proc interface.


id name type description
1 timestamp time seconds since Epoch
2 name name Disk name
3 reads rate read requests per second, rate
4 rkbytes rate read KBytes per seconds, rate
5 writes rate writes requests per second, rate
6 wkbytes rate write KBytes per second, rate
7 requests rate total read + write requests per second, rate
8 kbytes rate total read + write bytes per second, in KB, rate