• Parameters: 16
  • Data Source: /proc, process information pseudo-filesystem
  • API: Sys::Statistics::Linux
  • Programming Language: Perl 5
  • Library of Monitoring Objects: IT/Computer Performance


Records inventory data from a Linux 32 or 64bit kernel. The agent requires a minimum version of Linux kernel 2.6 version. The recorder uses Sys::Statistics::Linux, a Perl based module which handles data collection from proc interface. The recorder outputs collected data as sdrd, sdr raw data format.

Data Message

hdwrec records computer inventory information: number of physical and virtual CPUs, total physical memory installed, operating system name and release, kernel patch level, number of JVMs running, the uptime of the system.

id name type description
1 timestamp time seconds since Epoch
2 hostname hostname host name, string
3 hdw string name of the hardware platform
4 hypervisor string name of the hypervisor
5 os string name of the operating system
6 relos string release number of the operating system
7 kernel string kernel version and release number
8 pcpu number number of physical installed CPUs
9 ncores number number of physical CPU cores
10 vcpu number number of virtual CPUs
11 ht string hyper-threading: 0(OFF) | 1(ON) | NA, string
12 memtotal number total physical memory installed
13 swaptotal number total physical swap installed
14 disks number total number of disks attached to the system
15 nics number total number of physical NICS
16 uptime number how long the system has been running