Raw Data

What is it ?

We call raw data, the data which has been collected from a source: operating system, application process, a meteorological weather station, or a sensor, for example, without any changes or modification of any kind, numerical or not. Sometimes this set of data is called the primary data.

The raw data can have any format, binary or text, record orientated or not, time series or not. Usually the raw data is found as a simple text orientated format, the CSV format, where data is presented as records, each record having fields comma separated.

Do I need this ?

It is important to collect and store raw data from your hosts or other types of devices, somewhere safe and easy to access. This will be your centralized consistent data point of all data recorded from your network of sensors or data-centre hosts. From this centralized point you can easily inspect, browse and conduct any type of data analysis or visualization you like without being restricted to a particular software application.

So yes, you will need access to raw data, because:

  • it is the primary data set, before any changes are applied by humans or machines
  • charts, summaries, aggregations can be misleading and as data become more complex, it is important to access and process raw data
  • it lets you conduct any type of analysis or visualization you like
  • if security and privacy matters, it helps ensure nobody has changed the data
  • any forecast will require a solid base of your raw data

For example, our data recording module can easily help in getting all needed data from your systems, as simple as possible. Start now.

Who else is collecting and using raw data ?

Any statistical, numerical and visualization data process will require access to raw data. From financial market, like financial raw data feeds to medical, space, aeronautical, biochemical engineering, they all heavily use raw data material.

You should ask you vendors, software providers, or use software which can easily give access to raw data. Ultimately ensure all data recorded in and out ef your company is somewhere stored and available as raw data. This will put order, save money and bring stability to your organization in the long run.